Avatar: The Navi Side Of The Story

Shoot arrows, ride giant birds and embrace your inner Predator, all in this Navi gameplay montage for James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.

The main thing I walked away from this video with was a desperate yearning for a new Panzer Dragoon game. I'm not talking Panzer Dragon Saga II or anything — just me riding a dragon around a fantastic fantasy world, doing some stuff. There's not a Panzer Dragoon fan out there that could watch the flying bits of this vid and not feel the same way.


    Remember how awesome Lair was? Yeah, me neither.

    Maybe this dude should have come up with an original name, so I don't get it confused with the Nickelodeon cartoon series which will probably be better than his movie.

    I kinda thought it WAS an adaptation of the Nick toon. Maybe he's relying on that misconception to drive the popularity up. They used the same damn font!

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