Bargain Hunter: Only The Insane Would Pass This Up

sanitarium picThe Bargain Hunter doesn't feature Good Old Games nearly enough. So let's make amends with this excellent deal on a lost classic of the adventure genre.

You probably don't even know Sanitarium. It was released in 1998, when adventure games were very much on the wane, at least in terms of commercial success. But this tale of an amnesiac mental patient living through a world forged by an unstable imagination - like Psychonauts meets Planescape: Torment - is as good as any of the more widely recognised genre greats.

And now, thanks to Good Old Games, you can download it (DRM-free!) for just $US10.

Do it.

Sanitarium [Good Old Games]


    Looks intresting but Steam is my eternal source for medialess games

      Fanboy in the house...

      Steam is overrated and overpriced (and evil). Get on the GoG bandwagon instead.

        Overpriced compared to what? the US steam? the actual cost of the game? They are certainly cheaper then EB, JB, GAME etc. even eBay in some cases.

      He meant to say "I wasn't born when all these game were released"

    I bought it and loved it - great game, I missed it when it was first released and always wanted to try it. <3 GOG

    The likelihood of this ever making its way to steam is almost non-existent, by the way.

    Great game, it's creepy and fun I loved this game as a child, although there was no cut-scenes in the version I had back then...

    GOG has Psychonauts as well for US $10. But the best part is that everything is DRM free.

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