Bargain Hunter: Put These On Your Xmas List

Those in the market for a new console this Christmas might want to make a note of these bundles at Gametraders during November.

The Wii one throws in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl for just the standard console RRP of $398. Two good games for free? Sure.

The 360 one expands on the now-standard bundling of LEGO Batman and Pure by adding Forza 3 and Borderlands. The price? Just $447. Again, two good games for free? Cheers.

Sadly, the PS3 one ain’t as good, throwing in just GTA IV with the 120GB Slim for $499. Oh well.


  • What about the PS2 being lowered to $99. I dont think its official but in most shops such as Kmart it is. Im kind of annoyed because I just paid $150 for one after my fat died.

    • It’s not an official price drop, but it’s certainly a good deal. I didn’t mention it though because I figure all Kotaku readers ought to have one by now…

  • you should include prices in these updates, as they offer great deals on newly released software, and free delivery as well

  • Mass Effect is only $9.99 USD for the past weeks weekend deal (It’s technically still the weekend in the USD today)

  • We’re looking at some interesting drops

    ive seen wii deals with new super mario + big beach sports + carnival for 388 at game

    and a similiar bundle through eb

    starting 12/11

    360 im quite liking the mw2 bundle with forza and 2 controllers for 599

    trading in forza makes it 550ish, thats pretty good for a 250gb hdd, 2 controllers, mw2 and a limited edition console

    meh plenty more deals to come

    i like the borderlands package aswell

    too many

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