Bargain Hunter: Sanity's Insane Games Clearout

Sanity's online store is holding a games clearout right now. Plenty of new and old releases are being pushed out at some fairly insane prices.

Such as:

Animal Crossing Wii Speak Bundle (Wii) $38.29 Burnout Paradise (360) $14.06 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (PS3) $35.99 De Blob (Wii) $15.00 Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) $35.33 Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle (360) $37.50 Guitar Hero World Tour Super Bundle (360) $99.25 Halo Wars (360) $29.53 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) $29.41 Madworld (Wii) $23.71 Mercenaries 2 (360) $18.75 Resident Evil 5 (360, PS3) $35.33 Saints Row 2 (PS3) $18.75 SingStar ABBA Bundle (PS3) $32.24 Skate 2 (360, PS3) $28.12 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (360) $18.75 Street Fighter IV (360, PS3) $35.33 Super Paper Mario (Wii) $29.99 Tomb Raider Underworld (360) $15.00 Trauma Centre: Second Opinion (Wii) $18.75 Virtua Fighter 5 (360) $8.95 Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Wii) $18.75

Sanity Games Clearout [site, thanks Aaron!]


    Are these obtainable from Sanity stores or just the online store?


    Jesus, those are some great deals. Might need to go pick up a copy of RE5 now.

    The original Trauma Centre on the DS is one of my all time favourite games. . . but no matter how many times I see the Wiimake pop up on sale for a ridiculously low price, I can't convince myself to buy it just in case it's not as good and spoils my memories of one absolutely fantastic puzzle game.

    Thanks David looks like it might be time to go online shopping depending on the postage cost but it would work out if ya bought a bunch of games

      I grabbed the Megadrive collection on 360 & The Darkness on PS3 and only cost me $4.95 postage.

    Make sure you are also checking the general product pages also... there are a few that aren't classified as 'clearance' titles but are really cheap also...

    FIFA 10 (PS3) - $45
    Rock Band : ACDC (PS3) - $14

    and that's less than 5mins looking at the PS3 side of things, I would assume similar deals are available across other platforms...

      There's also a few oddities in the list where the so-called clearout price is actually higher than the usual price...

    I got carried away a little bit...

    50 Cent: Blood On The Sand $32.24

    Bourne Conspiracy $18.75

    Burnout Paradise $14.06

    Halo Wars $29.63

    James Bond Quantum Of Solace $15.00

    Mercenaries 2 World In Flames $18.75

    Need For Speed Pro Street X360 $14.06

    Tomb Raider Underworld $15.00

    +$10 postage

    There are some pretty good deals to be snapped up in the sale. If I had the cash I could easily blow $200+

    One of the guys here just got a shipping confirmation a couple of hours after ordering, so I suspect they're pretty bogged down amongst all of the insanity.

    Resident Evil 5, MK vs DC and Saints Row 2. <$80. Awesome.

    I think they sold out most of the stuff. I guess it's lucky for me, no impulse buying!

    I too went a little crazy and spent $137 total for 5 games including Guitar Hero with Guitar :P. Overall some great Christmas gifts and I scored some games for myself :).

    Looks like all the games are now gone. Lucky I got in when I did.

    Saints Row 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (Platinum Version) $56 shipped. Not bad. Thanks for the heads up!

    I think the online store is starting to buckle under the pressure.

    And it seems to be over. Down from 4 pages to just 20 fairly non-discounted games. Also, a huge amount of regular selection has disappeared (the PS3 page has...12 items??)

    Picked up the following Xbox 360 games:
    Brutal Legend - $50
    Forza 3 - $45
    Dead Space - $23
    TR Underworld - $15.

    I was gonna pick up a couple more, and then take a look through the PS3 games, but most of their games seem to have disappeared from the site.

    I skimmed through about 2 or 3 hundred 360 games originally, now theirs only 12 360 games listed on the site. Dunno what's up with that.

      Yeah I didn't go through all the 360 games and only got through some of the PS3.

      Woulda loved to get Forza 3 for $45. Oh well.

      Checked out after it stopped showing all the games.

      Just waiting for the email from sanity that it was a mistake.

    I must had missed out on this the only cheap PS3 game i can find is Burnout... In fact the site only shows it has 12 PS3 games in total.

    mmm.. all gone? cant see any bargains?

    Damn, $35 for Street Fighter IV is very alluring.

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