Bargain Hunter: That Wii Bundle Is This Much

Bargain Hunter: That Wii Bundle Is This Much

I mentioned a quite excellent Wii console bundle from JB Hi-Fi last week. Thing is, back then it didn’t have a price. Now it does.

To recap, the bundle includes:

* Wii console
* Wii Sports
* New Super Mario Bros.
* Wii Cricket
* Let’s Tap
* Virtua Tennis 2009
* Plus an accessories pack

So you get a console and four games you will definitely play, including one of the year’s best (hint: it doesn’t involve tapping). How much? $419. I can see this bundle proving quite popular on Christmas Day.


  • The one at Harvey Norman is quite good too.

    Wii Console + Wii Remote + Wii Nunchuk + Wii Sports + New Super Mario Bros + Super Smash Bros Brawl + Mario Power Tennis New Play Control + Wii Play (which means another Wiimote) – $488

    Better deal imo.

    • It’s not better since the remote and nunchuk in the first lin is the one in the box. BUUUUUT some stores have caught on to jbs deal. The store I work at does the $419 deal with: wii console (containing aforementioned remote, nunchuk, and wii sports) + wii play w/ remote + new super mario bros + Smash bros + super monkey ball.

      • You’re getting another Wii Remote in the HN bundle though, you’re not in the JB one. Also Brawl and NSMBWii + Power Tennis are better then Virtua Tennis and Let’s Tap (though I do like them).

      • Say, Snackum, what place would that be? That be darn cheap. Harrrr.

        Dunno why, but i wanted to do a pirate voice. Or err… text.

  • I think they are doing this because Nintendo wont let them lower RRP so they try to make deals to keep them flowing out the door because almost everyone would own a wii now. Nintendo as a company are too arrogant.

    However most deals mainly contain the dreaded shovelware. Only New Super Mario and Smash Bros are worth it.

    • Nintendos not being arrogant thier being smart they have no way to know if there next generation will be a hit or a miss and its better to make sure youve recovered your losses on the gamecube

      and JB can sell wiis at any price they want there not bound by nintendo in anyway sure theyd probs like there profit but i know that every xmas past theve been taking at least a 10 dollar loss on wii consoles but had people buy softwate while there there and JB is pretty low in the regard to unlike EB which is a complete ripoff in the hopes youll trade it back for 30 dollars so they can sell it for 15 below the price of a new one and make 55 dollars that way

  • Smash Bros is equal to ALL THREE of the other games included in the JB deal (wii Cricket, let’s tap and virtua tennis) so the harvey normal deal is far superior.

    At least for anyone who calls themselves a gamer

  • Irrelevant comment time:

    LOL @ Protestors at the Michael Atkinson office today. Probably not, but i hope its got to do with the R-Rating stuff.. 😛 i hope he doesn’t sleep well.

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