Bargain Hunter: What's In This New Big W Catalogue?

Thought I'd highlight some of the deals in the latest Big W catalogue, which runs until Wednesday next week. We'll focus on the - pick a console, any console - Xbox 360 offers today.

Not sure what to make of the console bundle they're offering. Sure, you get FIVE games packed in - Halo 3, Gears 2, Forza 3, Pure and LEGO Batman, all of them good - for $428. But it's the old 60GB console, not the 120GB Elite. At least it's not the old old 20GB console, but still.

On the software side, there's a bunch of games going for $40, including Prototype (pictured), GTA IV, Prince of Persia, Mini Ninjas, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and, er... Transformers, amongst others.

And the wireless network adaptor is $108, which is only slightly less of a rip-off than the $149 RRP.


    yeh i picked up prototype and De Blob yesterday for a grant total of about $68 - fantastic price if you ask me :)

    That console deal is stunning though. and i've got the "old" console, and i like it, so don't act like it's a downside... then again i don't download stuff online... lol

    Was that a subtle dig at the Big W catalogue, calling it the 'latest Big Wi', or a rogue typo?

    On topic, MUA2 for $40?! Cheap. As. I'll say I might go and buy it, but I'm lying, unless anyone knows if Game/EB/JB are trading it for more than $40?


    Oh, they have The Dark Knight on Blu Ray for $20.

    I picked up Uncharted (the first one) for $39.92 from Big W the other day. Big W has become my go too shop when I'm not ordering from overseas.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for $40, that sounds like a bargain. Is it worth picking it up?

      Did you enjoy the first one? If you did, then definitely. If you haven't played the series, it's a dungeon crawler beat-em-up RPG, Gauntlet style. It's good fun, and if you like the Marvel universe it's a big plus since the whole thing is drowned in fan service.

      There's a demo available on Live (and I assume PSN) for MUA2 now anyway, so give that a spin.

      I personally thought the first one was a better game (more fun to play, covered more of the Marvel mythos, wasn't all Civil War emo-ey), but for $40 you really can't go wrong. Plus, it has playable Deadpool. Need I say more? ^^

    Is it Forza 2 or 3? I remember reading that it was 3....

      Oops. Fixed!

    I always laugh at Big W and K-Mart and sometimes Target when they have 3 pages of nintendo crap then half a page each for ps3 and xbox360... Target aren't so bad as they usually have nothing but women's clothes and kitchenwares but Big W especially is bad for displaying too much nintendo stuff. I don't give a [email protected]#$ about the 200 mario games you can buy, I want to see what low prices they have for xbox 360! Thank god for their DVD sales catalogs that they put out every few months.

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