Bargain Hunter: Where Can You Hire A Cheap Assassin?

Bargain Hunter: Where Can You Hire A Cheap Assassin?

Assassin’s Creed II is out today. We called it a masterpiece and plenty of other critics think it is very good indeed. So where’s a good deal?

If you’re planning on walking into a store today, the best I’ve spotted is at Dick Smith where you’ll only pay $77 until November 22. Also, the new Big W catalogue is advertising it for $78 until November 25. Online, JB Hi-Fi have it for $78 until November 26.

Anyone spotted a better deal?


  • I literaly just picked it up for $1.45… though, that did include trade in of Need for Speed Shift and a $38.50 rewards voucher at game.

  • I really do like this as a standard pricepoint for games. Shops charging $120 for a new release and often a game that has been out for a few months is just way over the top.

    On topic, not picking this game up for a while. It may even be a hire game.

  • I sort of want it but didn’t actually finish the first one (a leper kept making me fail a side mission before the last assassination and I ragequit…). Maybe I’ll play that again first.

  • If you have a woolies staff card, you can get it for 10% off on sat from big w. they are having a staff day.

    so go find a friend that has a stafff card and get it then.

  • Walked into EB games yesterday with a $10 dollar deposit pre-order receipt for the black edition. I walked out $183 poorer. Here’s why

    Black edition: $149
    Game Guide that the store attendant coerced me into buying at %20 off WITH THE PRE ORDER: $39 (originally $49)
    Game Guarantee: $5

    The 10 dollar deposit made it a total of $193
    I hadn’t felt this bad after a purcahse since getting a shamwow at the perth royal show for $20 – and that’s 20 dollars, not 190!

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