Bayonetta: Climax Edition Goes For The Money Shot

Bayonetta: Climax Edition Goes For The Money Shot

bayonetta climax 360SEGA has revealed Bayonetta: Climax Edition, the limited edition of PlatinumGames’ hair-raising action game. It comes with a replica pistol and it’s exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.

It features a very limited custom-built replica of the Scarborough Fair, Bayonetta’s beloved pistol which she has strapped to her hands and feet. The aptly-named Climax Edition also comes in premium slipcase packaging and features the Bayonetta game, as well as a 36-page hardcover art book and CD soundtrack featuring music from the video game.

Bayonetta releases on January 7 for Xbox 360 and PS3.


  • Do we have a price for this? Ive had a look at the gameplay footage of the game and looks great! Would love to get this collectors 😛

  • I applaud the headline, Wildgoose.

    In other news, I don’t think it’s physically possible for me to care any less about Bayonetta.

  • I was going to give this a miss as it just looks like they are going for the porn angle and Ive not really herd much on the rest of the game (generally not a good sign for a good game). But the gun and the book have upgraded the game to my ‘might get it if I’m next to it and have nothing else in my hand’ list. I like when they add cheap toys with thier games, sucks me in every time.

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one. Mind you they could say Free hat and I’m sold…which they’re counting on.

      I love devil may cry but being a hetrosexual female I was turned off by the games’ female character posing in the nude. I’m used to big breasted female characters and such but I think they built the character first and slapped the rest on later.
      It makes the game less appealing.

      • As a heterosexual female who has played the game, Bayonetta is one of the few female characters I can respect in gaming today. The story is fantastic, and the character is well built. Yes, she is sexy, highly so, but it is not a crime for women to be sexy. It is not a crime, for us to be sexual creatures. It’s not all about appealing to men, it’s about being allowed to express ourselves the way we want to. Bayonetta is a powerfully confident woman who demands respect. She empowers me.

  • “might get it if I’m next to it and have nothing else in my hand”


    Seriously though, this game might be alright, but the marketing sure ain’t. It’s basically been nothing but “ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE…huh? what’s that? some Devil May Cry type-gameplay? Aren’t we a bit past that outdated kind of – ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE ARSE!!!!!”

  • I played it at TGS. It is entirely uninteresting. Been done before, more entertainingly and with less retarded schoolboy fantasies made of uncooked dough. Also, the character design is disgustingly lazy and unoriginal. Half of the bosses look like they were lifted from Shootemups.

    It isn’t a BAD game, it just isn’t worth buying.

    • Wow really? If you went all the way to TGS I’d think you’d have interest in what Japanese developers were developing.

      I’d assume the sex appeal was intended to be taken humorously, I played the demo and Bayonetta slapping away a boss’s hand appeared to be going for a humorous angle (the boss grasping at Bayonetta at death and Bayonetta taking it as the boss trying to grab a piece of it).

      I don’t know about character design, but witches in leather seems pretty crazy to me.

      Again, I don’t see how you might dislike this game, unless you are absolutely repulsed by action games. If so cross the blockbuster GOWIII of your to-buy list (personally I don’t like GoW that much as Japanese action games like this).

    • The Batman batarang was only an issue if you were under the impression that you would be getting a metal batarang. As a metal batarang would be classified as a weapon under Australia’s durisdiction, none of them would’ve gotten past customs. Besides, I thought the brilliance of the game itself would’ve cushioned the blow. ^^

  • I’ve finished Bayonetta on 360 twice now (once on Normal, once on Hard) and I’m gunning my way through Infinite Climax difficuly at the moment.

    It’s a brilliant game. Easily my GotY, potentially ‘GoNY’ (game of next year) once I buy the Climax edition as well. 😉

    It’s very easy to call a game ‘overrated’ without getting your hands on it. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as an action game has ever gotten before as far as I’m concerned.

  • Any word on which retailers are stocking this?

    I just had a very painful experience at JB with a chick at the counter who was not too sure about pre-orders for games in general.

  • Wtf. I thought I commented but it looks like the website blocked me.

    I found out that the Gamesmen are selling this edition – just google it as I think Kotaku will not let me link it. That said I am not too sure what they are like as I have never ordered from them.

  • is the Australian version of the game going to have any censorship though? I’m interested in the climax edition but i think i would rather import if its going to be censored =[

  • Wow. Will this edition be available at certain websites for us “Yanks” to buy? I’m really interested in getting one of those Scarborough Fair replicas. Here in the USA, we sure love our guns, especially the replica ones.

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