Bayonetta Demo Drops Next Week

If you missed out on early access to Sega's Bayonetta demo your disappointment comes to a close next week when Sega opens up the demo to everyone with a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

And here you thought you'd have to wait until January to get your hands on PlatinumGames' saucy hair witch. Not so! On December 3, PS3 and 360 owners in North America and Europe will get their chance for a little hands on before the main event on January 5 and January 8, respectively.

Bayonetta has received perfect scores from both Famitsu (sort of) and Edge Magazine now, so we should be in for a pretty good time.


    So in other words, we dont get it. Anyone know of a way i can downlaod the demo?

      We do get it here in Australia. We're part of Europe, apparently.

        Awesome, the collectors looks great but i dont want to be spending what little cash i have on a game that I might not like, and the demo should let me see if I will enjoy it or not

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