Bayonetta PS3 Outsells Bayonetta 360 — No Surprise There

Unofficial day-one sales are in for Bayonetta and boy does Japan love its PlayStation 3s. Ninety-three thousand copies sold for Sony's home console compared to the 45,000 sold on Xbox 360.

But that's nothing new for the market. Compare Bayonetta's sales to these other games to see just how much day-one sales favour PS3 over 360 in Japan:

Devil May Cry 4 28,000 (17 percent of sales) on 360 / 140,000 (83 percent of sales) on PS3 Soul Calibur IV 35,000 (38 percent of sales) on 360 / 57,000 (62 percent of sales) on PS3 Street Fighter IV 28,000 (33 percent of sales) on 360 / 58,000 (67 percent of sales) on PS3

See the pattern? I know I do, and I'm bad at economics.

Rock on for not being the nail that sticks up, Bayonetta!

PS3・Xbox360「BAYONETTA」好調な滑り出し、映画「THIS IS IT」紹介、他 [Ameblo]


    why did they say the 93,000 in words and the 45,000 in numbers?

    Could this be partly due to the shortage of X360 copies that I read about recently (a la the pic)?

    LOL ^^

    I don't actually get what this article suggests really... i mean everyone knows the PS3 dominates in Japan compared to the 360. So to point out that other games have outsold the 360 version on the PS3 is just pointless.

    Point it out when a 360 version actually outsells the PS3 port when they go head to head.

    If the PS3 versions outsell X360 versions of multiplatform titles by that much in Japan, I wonder why the developers didn't make the PS3 port more of a priority?

    Everyone's acting like the ps3 version outperformed the xbox 360 version. It did not. Relative to the amount of people that own xbox 360s in Japan, the xbox 360 version of Bayonetta absolubtely destroyed the ps3 version relative to the amount of ps3 owners.

      Ever considered that 99% of Xbox owners in Japan are the target audience for this game, where as the PS3 target audience ranges from casual to hard core?

      So destroyed it has not.

    Feel free to post numbers every week showing the xbox360 games outselling the ps3 version, then it won't seem so lopsided when you make one of these every week about the japanese market.

    BTW, the title isn't very accurate either, you don't mention "in japan" in it, which you probably should so you don't lose credibility as a fanboi.

    Too bad the 360 version is better.

    Still havent seen anything to get me interested in this game, just a whole lot of ass and Palin jokes on game sites.

    Ive played the Demo and it's fantastic. It plays alot better than DMC and feels just as epic as any God of war. The combos go deep the animations are over the top and please the eyes.

    I played the ps3 version and although it did look pretty there was some screen tearing, but nothing to distracting.

    that label on the 360 case actually says sold out.the only reason the ps3 version has sold more in japan is cuz microsoft didnt expect the huge demand for this title and didnt ship enough copies.the 360 version actually sold out in hours

    XBox 360 fanboys complain about facts - No suprise there either.
    It is not suprising that the PS3 version has out sold the XBox 360 version, multi-platform titles do better on the PS3 in Japan.
    Yes someplaces have sold out of the XBox version because they didn't order enough, but that might be because PS3 versions outsell XBox versions in Japan.
    Stop making excuses and just live with the fact that the XBox version is actually doing very well for Japan.
    (oh and as for the comment about how the title should say the PS3 ver is outselling the XBox ver ~IN JAPAN~... I wasn't aware it was being sold elsewhere.

    (yes I own a PS3, and no I don't own a 360 yet, but I intend to pick one up, mainly for exclusive titles as I the controler uncomfortable - I have one for my PC)

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