Bayonetta's BlazBlue, Virtua Fighter Cameos

With all that hair-twirling, face-kicking and PVC-wearing, Bayonetta would be a perfect fit for a traditional fighting game. Hence these dream (emphasis on the dream) scenarios.

The first, on the left, is from a recently-released Bayonetta theme for the 360, which has a Virtua Fighter arcade cabinet lurking in the background. And on its screen? Yup, Bayonetta in Virtua Fighter.

The second, on the right, is a little more exciting. A piece of fan art by BouncekDeLemos, it shows Platinum Games' leading lady popping into BlazBlue for a spot of 2D combat.

Xbox 360 Bayonetta Theme Pokes Fun At Virtua Fighter [Siliconera] [BouncekDeLemos @ DeviantArt]


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