Bayonetta's Torture Moves — Press B To Summon Guillotine

Look, beheading's one thing. Getting kicked repeatedly in the arse by a woman in high heels, on the way to your own execution - that's the torture.

Good thing Bayonetta's "torture moves" — which summon all sorts of unpleasant mechanisms to more artfully render a foe's demise than mere boots or bullets — can't be turned around on the player. At least, I think they can't.


    So we'll be seeing Bayonetta banned in Australia sometime soon?

      Oh wait, I take that back. It's already been cleared & slapped with MA15+.!OpenDocument

        You should import it now. The high dollar makes it fairly good value, and there's an English setting included that is automatically detected by the PS3 (not sure about the 360 but probably the same) so there's really no advantage in waiting for the AU version. Unless you want those sexy guns, that is.

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