Be Social During The Free Xbox Live Weekend

Be Social During The Free Xbox Live Weekend

Microsoft is inviting Xbox Live Silver members to try out the newly-launched Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM for the Xbox 360 during the upcoming Free Xbox Live Weekend.

Between the new social features, the upcoming season of 1 vs 100, and Halo Waypoint, there’s a lot happening on Xbox Live that you can’t participate in without an Xbox Live Gold membership. Whether you are broke, indifferent or simply averse to paying $US50 a year to play games online, you’ll be able to give these new features a spin when Microsoft hosts Free Xbox Live Weekends later this month. Everyone except Europe will have full access to all Gold membership benefits from November 20-23.

Europeans have to wait a little longer, but their weekend is longer as well, running from November 25-30.

Upcoming Free Xbox LIVE Weekends [Major Nelson]


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