BioShock 2 Rated M For Intense Violence, Wirty-Dords

No surprise BioShock 2 picked up an M from the ESRB, but that's not to say its newly minted rating certificate isn't interesting. The writeup says we can expect F-bombs, mother F-bombs, the C-word and the past tense of "tweeta".

There are some minor spoilers in the writeup, I suppose, so I'll let you venture over there if you're interested in what the awesome displays of violence entail, as they most directly pertain to capabilities or plot points in the story.

"The violence and the profanity account for the Mature rating," the ESRB said, so let's look at the other half of that equation.

The game includes frequent use of strong profanity (e.g., "f**k," "motherf**ker," and "c*nt") and some lesser four-letter words (e.g., "sh*t" and "tw*t"); in one instance, an enemy attacks [Subject]Delta [that's you]while screaming, "F**king sodomites everywhere!"

Sodomites? F— yeah! Oh there's also some stuff about hookin' and red-light districts. Frankly, in a laissez-faire capitalist society I'd be astonished if those weren't encountered, so maybe this should be rated O for Objectivism. BioShock 2 [ESRB via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    This actually concerns me slightly. I loved the fact that swearing was used so minimally in Bioshock one... when you first see the spider splicer and Peachy says "You my friend, are F__ked!".. it added to it.

    Swearing excessively takes away from the impact... and really cheapens it.

      I agree. a game like bioshock doesnt need a lot of swearing. doesnt suit the theme in my opinion.

      i found it amusing in house of the dead: overkill though. but that was the whole point.

        I also concur. I don't remember any curse words before Peach. Bioshock is a game too intelligent for overuse of profanity. Some emphasizes, too much destroys the mood.

    And yet the game got R18 in the UK ( ).

    We're lucky it's just getting MA15+ here in Australia.

    is the aust version cut to fit into ma15+?

      Watch this get RC'd quicker than Atkinson can say THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

        won't get recalled. its rated already. but this is how Atkinson wants it: some games that should be rated R are RC'd, the rest are rated MA and kids can play them. GG.

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