BlazBlue Gets Dated For Australia

BlazBlue Gets Dated For Australia

2D fighting game fans, voice acting pin-up model fans, designer t-shirt fans and cosplaying store clerk fans can rejoice. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is getting an Australian release next year.

The Arc System Works developed fighter is, as we said in our review of the US release, a fantastic product, delivering “a fighting system that requires some serious investment” and plenty of “visual fireworks.”

You’ll be able to check it out yourself on PS3 or Xbox 360 on February 10 when it sees a local release.

We’re trying to confirm precisely what comprises the new gameplay content promised in the PAL version and whether we’ll be seeing a limited edition akin to the North American version. We’ll let you know when we hear.


  • Excellent!

    As far as I’m aware this is going to be Continuum Trigger which is to the original Blaz Blue as Super Turbo is to Street Fighter II.

    This means a couple of additions (based on the Arcade version of Continuum Shift):

    Barrier Burts has been replaced with Break Burst which has a number of differences, the most notable being the loss of the damage penalty Barrier Bursts incurred (which was the main reason they rarely got used in game).

    Guard Libra has been changed to Guard Primer which regenerates slowly and unlike Guard Libra is actually of a different length for each character (balance fix?)

    Can’t jump while using a barrier making jumping a more risky proposition where it was relatively safe in the original.

    The new characters are Tsubaki and Hazama.

    Tsubaki is the red haired woman from Noel’s training at NOL.

    Hazama is the NOL agent who turns out to be the game’s great evil – Terumi.

    This is the news as far as the arcade version of Continuum Shift is concerned. I’d be surprised if it was not replicated in the new release.

    • They haven’t said anything at all about adding in any Continuum Shift content in this, so stop making stuff up.

      It’s likely to be exactly the same as the current console version in JPN/US.

    • The local distributor (All Interactive Entertainment) has informed me it will be Calamity Trigger, not Continuum. Although they did also add there will be “a few changes” to be confirmed at a later date. Which is a little confusing!

  • Bloody Hell! About time!

    While beat ’em up fans on the PS3 can opt for an import copy, us 360’ers can’t! So, this is indeed good news! However, it will do dismally in Australia, regardless of how limited the editions are, though.

    Ah well, I’m not gonna complain, as its release here is the only assurance of guaranteeing myself a copy.

    Too bad I feel the 360’s days are nearing an end — in terms of maxed out power and versatility — next to the might of the PS3’s that’s surely to rise supreme this holiday season, the world over…

  • Huh?

    I’m sure I’ve already seen this for sale around stores in Melbourne

    In fact, I can guarantee you I’ve seen this game in stores around Melbourne.

  • With the game not that far out those who are still considering importing the original should stay their hand. Once it ships Continuum Shift will be the ‘current’ version of the game. Just as no one plays the original SFIII over Third Strike.

    Considering the release is so close now it would be better to hold out and wait on the PAL release than grabbing the current version of the game.

    Oh and DansDans the store you will have seen this game in around Melbourne would be Dungeon Crawl or another similar store that imports titles. BlazBlue is definitely not available on PAL formats yet. PS3 owners can pick it up no problems but the 360 version is not region free.

    • Hmm.. Ive seen it at GAME too – but then yesterday I also saw God Of War collection and SAW at GAME as well… hmmm..

    • While everyone is playing the PAL version of the exact same game everyone else has around the globe right now, a lucky few will be able to play this at arcades in Sydney/Melbourne (cross fingers), til it comes out on console in Japan/USA and we PS3 owners import it again.

      Continuum Shift is only rumoured for Sydney/Melbourne arcades to be sure. Currently only Box Hill in Melbourne has an arcade cab for the first one.

  • I know I’m replying late on this news, but I wasn’t aware of this until now. I’m relieved that ARC systems hasn’t forgotten about us. However, I very much doubt that it’ll sell well over here, since most aussie gamers are too busy BJing Cliffy B to notice anything that isn’t a manly FPS packed with testosterone.

    ARC systems will see this, and thus, conclude that ever releasing continuum shift here will be a waste of money.

  • Just saw that we in Australia can pre-order the PAL version at However the site only shows the game and an extra joystick if you get the PS3 version or 2x controller faceplates if you get the x360 version.

    Does that mean that we don’t get the 3 extra discs that the US got?–limited-edition/playstation-3/BLZBPS3–limited-edition/xbox-360/BLBX360

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