Bleszinski: Borderlands Is Diablo For A New Generation

Continuing today's theme of "Devs Commenting on Other Devs," here, for a change, is Epic's Cliff Bleszinski weighing in with something polite about Borderlands.

Many have made the comparison of Gearbox's Borderlands to Diablo. Cliffy B certifies it with this unsolicited Tweet: "Borderlands, I adore you. You're Diablo for a generation raised on first person shooters. I want a Claptrap statue."

That can be arranged, Cliff.

Cliff Bleszinski's Twitter [via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    His name is Dude Huge. Get it right.

    If only they could actually get the friggin multiplayer working properly on the PC side. I also want a Claptrap statue too, one that talks and dances preferably.

      And abuses people.

        And fixes the game so it has a proper ending? :)

          While abusing people! :P

    Meh, lol... I'd play Borderlands if I had the money, haha... honestly I would have said the same about Fallout 3 though.

    Wasn't Hellgate: London the Diablo for the next generation?

    this is essentialy an expansion upon the marksman/engineer characters of hellgate london which used guns and could be played in first person. the only difference is that this didn't have the lofty expectations that a game toted as "the next diablo" had.

    for an RPG it had next to no story and the ending that it had was extremely disapointed

    why does the vault only open every 200 yrs and y the fuck is it called the vault not



    the claptrap things was ROFL random tho

    Yeah the ending was pretty lame to me. actually REALLY lame. but i love the game.

    i wasn't really following the story cause i was having fun looking for cool loot and better guns & leveling up.

    i hope the DLC is a little better with the storyline and offers better weapons etc...

    but is it just me, or is Borderlands also like Fable. I mean Peter Molyxxxxxx watever his name is talked Fable up A LOT (i like it tho) and heaps of features were left out. I remember reading how Borderlands is meant to have such a dynamic randomization system with weapons and the map. They claimed to have a revolver that shot rocket launchers. I know their are MILLIONS of weapons apparently, but i never saw any gun like that except for a rocket launcher itself.

    And then they said how the paths etc... would randomly change and only main towns and buildings etc... would stay the same to not alter the story or experience. But all paths seemed to be the same for me whenever i went to the same place numerous times.

    It seems Borderlands, being a great game that it is (considering i haven't ONCe taken it out of my 360 since launch), has also become one that was too outspoken by its developers that a lot of promises fell short.

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