Borderlands Sequel A "No-Brainer"

So, Borderlands turned out to be a successful little title for Gearbox. And we all know what that means in this business, don't we kids? That's right....ssseeeeeeeqquuueeellssss.

Speaking with VG247, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said "Everyone here loves the franchise, and it seems like the public is really coming back with praise and love. So yeah, if everything makes sense, Borderlands 2 seems like a no-brainer to me".

Hardly an official announcement, but then, it's hardly surprising, either. Game sells -> game is popular -> game gets sequel isn't exactly a revolutionary turn of events.

Interview: Gearbox on Borderlands 2, Pitchford's Valve remarks and tons more [VG247]


    I love the game even though multiplayer is a pain. Bring on a sequel ... just let me finish it first.

      I gather you mean on Playthrough 2?

      The story isn't actually that long or hard to finish the game.

      I hope for the next, that they add a heck of alot more RPG elements. Like being able to explore MORE of the world without having to do much of the main quest.

      There aren't really side quests like in games like Oblivion or Fallout that are irrelevant to the main quest. Pretty much, do some things for this person and they'll give you this to go to next part which is all part of the main quest.

      And the all the areas are seperate to one another. Disappointed in those fields but loved the game nonetheless.

    I enjoyed it and would happily play a sequel.

    Please swallow your pride and switch to steamworks, gamespy is the devil.

    Yeh, a fix to the multiplayer would be nice. I also hope the ending won't be as anti-climatic as the original one was.

    I just wish they would fix the port forwarding issue. It should be up to us to fix their problems. No other game have I played within the last decade had multiplayer issues.

    As long as Randy can keep his mouth shut while its in development I'm all for it.

      Without the big mouth of his, you wouldn't have known the sequel is even being considered.

    Well that's good to hear. I still need to get the first one though

    how do they make sequel to a game with out story

    Surely not before wads of DLC though? Gotta ring it dry. we get to hear more from this arseh*ole.

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