Borderlands' Undead DLC Coming Nov. 24

Gearbox Software's Borderlands will expand its borders on November 24, with the release of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, the game's previously announced downloadable expansion, the one that puts a little check mark in the now obligatory "Has zombies" box.

The first in a series of downloadable content packs for the multi-platform game will arrive on November 24 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, priced at $US9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points, depending on how you spend. Details on the same content for the PC version were not provided, but 2K Games reps said, "We will have more information for the PC version at a later date."

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned features "ferocious brain-eating zombies, carnivorous Were-Skags and more", if that'll get you to venture into the Borderlands again later this month.


    I'm guessing they're deciding whether or not to charge us PC gamers for it.

      Or maybe they just can't be bothered to reveal anything about it. Seems to fit their blase attitude towards the PC port.

      Also, "carniverous Were-Skags"? I have yet to meet a Skag of any sort that did not have a preference for meat.

    That was quick.

    “We will have more information for the PC version at a later date.”

    Awesome, can't wait.

    Love this game, good timing too; I'm close to finishing my second playthrough.

    Kinda excited, kinda not.

    It's a FUN game and all - but at the same time i'm thinking, Too SOON?

    I thought perhaps release it around Xmas time so more people may buy it by getting MS Points around then perhaps. AND i've just got MW2 and getting Assassin's II next week. ARGH!

    In terms of strategy its good so that it keeps interest up during the turmoil of MW2 and Assassins. But for some gamers who are getting these games, its hard to balance it all out.

    Obviously the DLC ain't going anywhere, but ya know! Hopefully its 800 MS points WORTH of content. There aren't any quests in Borderlands long enough to be worth 800 MS Points. Hopefully this brings a new area, more than 1 quest and WEAPOOOOOONS!

      As Penny Arcade said, it's pretty retarded that DLC for games are already priced and dated 5 seconds after a game is released.

      "There was a time when companies demurred when discussing downloadable content at launch, other than the most routine assurances that maps - of some kind - would be forthcoming. Now, we've reached a new threshold, where Day One DLC and the promise of Two Years of unrelenting premium offers are the goal - where pitchmen emerge unbidden in our role-playing games and try sell us valor a la carte."

    Isn't there a sign for Jacobs Cove on the Trash Coast?


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