Bowling: Twitter Helped Build Modern Warfare 2

Seems kind of obvious to say in light of recent developments, but in an interview with Develop magazine, the Infinity Ward community manager pointed to Twitter as an instant and constant source of feedback in building Modern Warfare 2.

"I communicate with our Twitter followers the same way I'd communicate with my office buddies," Bowling told Develop.

So if something happens I just throw it out there and opinions come in and we converse. Also during development, if we are sitting in a design meeting and we are arguing about something, no matter what it is I can just turn to what is now 60,000 people and post the same question.

Do we think will players like this? Well why don't we ask 60,000 of them and get a good representation of what we think they may like. Twitter has been fantastic throughout development, and I would recommend many, many more people adapted that into their design schedule.

It's not a carte-blanche relationship - the feedback Bowling pulls from Twitter must fit with Infinity Ward's design philosophy. "Typically stuff like: ‘we want more gore.' That's against our design philosophy," he says. "We don't make gory games. It's not that we can't, but it's not the experience we go for."

Over the lifespan of this game's development, tons of news has broken through Bowling over Twitter, so it's no surprise that channel has affected the arc of Modern Warfare 2, prerelease. It shows Twitter's not just a pass-through for trivia or hype, as some might dismiss it, but a useful way for both sides to stay in touch.

Infinity Ward Talks Twitter [Develop]


    Why didn't they "ask" the 60,000 followers about the no dedicated server crap is what I want to know.

      Clearly it doesn't fit in with their "design philosophy"...

      I'm sure the "design philosophy" has been updated since Modern Warfare was first released also...

    I'm fed up with all this twitter and social networking bullcrap

    Agreed, clearly twitter hasn't exactly improved the PC version of the game from the sound of it.

      thats cos PC gamers dont need to twitter

      using twitter as a info sample s a terrible idea you cant tell what your sample is made up of

      oh do you guys want dedicated servers?
      50000 replys
      uh whats a dedicater server?

      oh guys they dont know what they are take em out

      month later, oh so they were all the console guys using twitter for uncharted and that

      looks like it, so we gonna put dedicated servers back in

      well we could... But i just finished making this IWnet thing and Kotick said if we make after market profits we get a bonus

      So long as its free for them to use they wont buy it otherwise

      oh right yeah... cough theres no charge

      W8 what was that

      what was what

      you coughed before you said no charge

      ohh you heard that yeah after XMAS sales period kotick plans on charging for it

      so he gets all the xmas sales then rips everyone off more

      ohh yeah its in the EULA we can do anything we F'in want and everyone just accepts them anyway no one reads them

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