Bright Eyes: MW2 Night Vision Goggle Impressions

Modern Warfare 2 garnered an absurd amount of attention from not just this site, but seemingly everyone with its buzz-building release. So the game's over-the-top $200 night vision goggle-including Prestige Edition seemed fitting when it was announced.

But is the game's ultimate collector's edition worth the extra $US90? And what about those goggles, why do they look so familiar?

Here's what you get for the extra cash: A fancy metal case to hold your copy of the game. A game case-sized 34-page art book. A code to download the original Call of Duty to your console. A numbered plastic head-shaped stand for holding your night vision goggles. A wearable pair of night vision goggles made by toy maker Jakks Pacific with Modern Warfare 2 branding.

That's right, those night vision goggles are made by Jakks Pacific, the same company that produces the EyeClops Night Vision goggles sold at toy stores.

Originally released for $US90, you can now pick up a set of the EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles for $US50 at Toys R Us.

The two sets of night vision goggles seem to be of the same quality, with both supporting both short-range and long-range vision modes. Both sets say you can view objects in the dark up to 15m away. The biggest difference is in how the two look.

The Eyeclops have a rounder, more bug-like appearance, making it look more like something from a sci-fi show than for military use.

The Modern Warfare 2 goggles have been redesigned to look like something closer to the real thing. They also have a switch that lets you flip between black-and-white and green views.

Despite the design change, the Eyeclops and Modern Warfare 2 night goggles feel pretty much the same when you're wearing them. They both look about the same as well, though the redesign does slightly mess with your depth of view.

While the goggles work as advertised, I don't see anyone using these to stalk people or animals or sneak around in the dark. They're a toy. A fun toy, but still a toy.

The main draw for getting these should be the way they look on your desk. Mounted on the head, the goggles look pretty neat, though not real.

Perhaps it would have been better for Activision to go with non-functioning goggles that look authentic, rather than one that function on a toy level, but don't really look that real.


    It's a toy?!?! Go figure. -_-"

    Aha, so they were over-charged toys after all. Well, it's good to know I can still get awesome Night vision goggles, and at a cheaper price.

      real night vision? really share your secret please?

    I was also dissapointed I couldn't chop people into pate with my Lancer.

    At least my Frostmourne replica can decapitate cosplayers, although it doesn't harvest souls. Lazy sword.

    Funny that the Prestiege here in the States is $150 and on ebay the goggles and head alone are going for more then $100 USD + shipping. Why not just buy the friggen Prestiege to begin with?

    Pretty much... yeah, as predicted there's totally been a crime wave of vandals and perverts, now that these dangerous tools have hit the streets. God help the poor kids who this game will turn into criminals and rapists.

    I am upset that they didnt just decide to give us each a rocket car, with hot rod flames and everything.

    Who would have thought that somebody would take a product, package it with other products, and make a profit off it.

    Its wrong, plain wrong that they didnt cater for the needs of everyone. I for one wouldnt have been opposed to getting my own satellite. Also with hot rod flames.

    The main advantage of the Eyeclops are you can pop the cover off your left eye and use them to navigate the dark without the loss of depth perception. Fucking awesome for checking on your sleeping kids without waking them, too.

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