Brütal Legend Forges Unholy Union With Mishka For Truly Metal Tees

Hell rides in from the east. And it does so on t-shirts, with Double Fine Productions, creators of metal epic Brütal Legend, summoning the powers of Brooklyn-based label Mishka NYC to deliver a pair of epically brutal tees.

The Mishka NYC × Brütal Legend collaboration not only gives metal-heads an opportunity to proudly display their love of all things Tim Schafer on their torsos, it draws upon real thrash and metal credibility.

The above "Headbanger" tee features the gory result of Ironheade's head-banging foot soldiers in a design crafted by artist James Callahan, known for his work with bands like Municipal Waste. The second, featuring a Brütal Legend Razorgirl riding a Fire Beast, is all '70s metal fantasy, courtesy of Daniel Mumford, known for his work with Black Dahlia Murder.

Keep watch for opportunities — right here on Kotaku, for example — to get your hands on these tees.


    Yeah, that is so not a Razorgirl on the second tee. The Kiss-painted Amazon women are actually called 'Zaulia'. And they ride Metal Beasts, not Fire Beasts (that would be Ormagoden).

    Eh, don't like them very much. I'll stick to my JB HiFi preorder Brutal Legend T :)

    Yeah, uhh..
    Razorgirls don't ride fire beasts, so I assume you meant to say. 'a Zalia amazon'

    man, that didn't feel worth pointing out...

    Not bad looking, but not the greatest shirts I've seen. Some Pushead or Derek Riggs art would have been more Metal, too.

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