Calling All Sydney Mario Fans

Calling All Sydney Mario Fans

NSW retailer The Gamesmen are marking the launch of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in cute style this weekend with a bundle deal, sausage sizzle, Mario photo opps and a neat competition.

The bundle deal lets you pick up a copy of the game, a Wii remote and a 15cm Mario (or Luigi, Yoshi or Koopa) plushie for just $109.95.

The sausage sizzle and photo opps, along with showbags and prizes, are happening at the Gamesmen’s Penshurst, Sydney, store this Saturday, November 14, between 11am and 3pm.

And that neat competition? They’re celebrating the fact that Mario and the Gamesmen are about the same age (26 and 27, respectively) by giving away $300 worth of prizes. You just have to present the most
relevant item linking Mario and The Gamesmen together, such as an old game receipt or catalogue. Could be tricky, but good luck.

Celebrate New Super Mario Bros. Wii With The Gamesmen [The Gamesmen]


  • Too many Nintendo events in a short time span can be annoying. I don’t like changing my cosplay every time to lose out to someone else lol, especially when these are a month apart.

    Try keeping it to the Connection Tours Nintendo, and try actually making those tours good – like last year’s.

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