Can You Name All These Japanese Game Developers?

Pop quiz time! Here's a Photoshop of a bunch of Japanese game developers — who can you name?

Pic [はちま起稿 Thanks, 金!]


    I'll take the easy one Kojima San is #7

    Here are some of my answers to the few I know.

    #3 - Goichi Suda (AKA Suda 51)
    #4 - Shigeru Miyamoto
    #7 - Hideo Kojima
    #10 - Toshihiro Nagoshi
    And finally, #12 - Tomonobu Itagaki

    That's all I know

    I'm expected to know Japanese game developers by their faces alone? I don't even know the name of one Developer...

    Sure, I could name them (but you'd think their parents should have done that for them)

    1. John
    2. Paul
    3. George
    4. Ringo
    5. Scott
    6. Rudolph
    7. Hagrid
    8. Fenwick
    9. Yalvolkadochz
    10. Braveheart
    11. Gorgonzola
    12. Humphrey
    13. Kensuke

    Do they need family names as well?

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