Capcom Side-Scrollers Coming To Xbox Live, PSN

Capcom announced today that two of their classic side-scrollers will be making a comeback, with re-releases of Final Fight and Magic Sword set to appear on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network next year.

Unlike recent Capcom re-releases like Marvel v Capcom 2 and SSFIIHD, these won't be completely overhauled for the current generation of consoles. Rather, they'll be the original titles presented with two graphics modes available, one upscaled to "HD", the other as nature intended.

Both games will be bundled in the one package, called "Final Fight: Double Impact", and will also feature online leaderboards and co-op play.

Final Fight: Double Impact Unveiled [IGN]


    Nice! Love me some Final Fight action, though shame its not as a HD Remix.

    Are Capcom going to fix any spelling mistakes, such as that "Your just in time" in the second screenshot?

      WHAT YOU SAY!!

    Dude, spelling mistakes are the best thing of the older generations :D

    re-release dungeons and dragons already!!

    Would be so keen on an HD Final Fight with SF cameos in it hahaha


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