Catching Up With ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam & Earl creator says XBLA port not so certain; future games in franchise still a possibility. Just because characters ToeJam & Earl were SEGA stars in the early 1990s, that doesn't mean they'll be appearing courtesy of SEGA.

The game company recently polled fans, asking them which title should get the XBLA send-up, and ToeJam & Earl took top prize. Series developer Greg Johnson tells game site Joystiq that SEGA "got ahead of themselves a little bit" with that announcement "and didn't realise that they don't have the rights to the property". Johnson does, and SEGA offered "very little money" to include the characters in the upcoming Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

"TJ&E will not be included... and the option for including them as downloadable content is still open," Johnson said. "Sega said they're not ready to talk about that yet because they haven't started making any definite plans, but they promised to give me a shout when they get there — so hopefully we'll be able to work something out." Ditto for an XBLA port.

Johnson hasn't given up on ToeJam & Earl and even pitched around a DS version, which didn't garner much interest from publishers.

"Right now my studio is pretty busy with other stuff, but I plan to get back to seeing if I can't make TJ&E games in the future."

Check out the concept art in the link below.

ToeJam & Earl creator says XBLA port not so certain; future games in franchise still a possibility [Joystiq]


    You know what would be much better?

    Giving us the game we want... as opposed to what your ego wants.

    Who knows, might help you make some money and gain credibility for the franchise with which you could pitch further games...

    To those publishers that dont like your ideas.
    What a douche.

      Actually, the guy seems pretty reasonable. On the whole TJ&E XBLA port issue, Sega offered the possibility to fans, even getting them to vote, without checking to see if they had the rights to the game and/or characters. Greg's company came out to inform them of that (I believe at the time his company was looking to put together a XBLA port anyway, so this was mentioned so fans knew it would still happen), so Sega did the right thing and restarted the poll without TJ&E listed. No harm, no foul.

      On the Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing issue, if Sega hasn't offered the guy what he feels the characters are worth, then he is well within his rights to say no to them. In fact, he's also said that the option is still open for them to appear as DLC, rather than just giving Sega the finger and bitching about how they don't think his work is worth much.

      Thirdly, you seem to be under the impression that you are somehow entitled a XBLA port, just because you want it, and that he's refusing to bend to your whim because of his ego. Well, it actually turns out that you don't just get want you want because you say you want it.

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