Come Back To Conan For The Secret World Beta Access

Looking for early access to Funcom's intriguining new current-day MMO The Secret World? Is it worth three months of Age of Conan to you?

Funcom wants you back in Age of Conan, and they want you back bad. As of today, they are offering two free weeks of Age of Conan to returning players, with some rather special incentives for those who pony up cash for a renewed subscription. One month nets you a free week's worth of game time, which I suppose is nice, but not nearly as nice as the three months incentive. Re-subscribe to Age of Conan for 90 days and you get a beta slot in The Secret World, which is looking much more interesting than many MMO games out today, including Age of Conan.

But wait, there's more! Subscribe for six months and you get all of that, plus a 10 per cent experience boosting helmet, and a year will get you the beta spot, the helmet and the upcoming Age of Conan expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, completely free! All of this, plus double XP for everyone in the month of November.

A desperate move by a desperate company, or an outpouring of love for the fans that they've lost? Is beta access to The Secret World worth $US40 or so? You be the judge.


    Age of Conan lost me forever when they nerfed most of the nudity and mature content. Without that, it was just another generic MMORPG. Now if I feel the urge to waste my life grinding mobs, I hop on Runes of Magic. Doesn't cost me a cent.

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