Danish Group Asks You To "Hit The Bitch"

Denmark's Children Exposed to Violence at Home is a group dedicated towards the prevention of domestic violence. It's a noble cause! Pity their latest "ad" — a flash game involving woman-slapping — lacks the same nobility.

We can see where they're coming from; something akin to "No Russian" for the domestic violence scene. Make you do something horrible to better confront the horror. But the execution? It's a flash game. Where you do nothing but smack a woman around. Comes across a little tasteless.

As such, it's hard to recommend "Hit the Bitch" over the genre's existing powerhouse.

Anti-Violence Flash Game Lets Users Beat Woman [GamePolitics] [Hit The Bitch]

Note: at time of publishing, the website has been blocked for IP addresses outside Denmark.


    I tried this before it got blocked as Luke notes, and trust me, you don't want to see it. It's extremely distressing.

    Raises an interesting question: would you be willing to do this in a video game? What if the next GTA or whatever required to (graphically) violently beat an innocent woman to proceed? Would people go "oh it's just a game whatever" and do it?

    I couldn't help but laugh at this... inb4 "sexist chauvinist misogynistic pig"... again... but this is just so poorly done, I dunno... but it seems like such a tasteless joke. Something about that girl made me want to slap her, and I don't even know what she was saying, lol. And equally I didn't feel bad about it... what, moving my mouse across the screen? If you're going to do an ad about something like domestic violence, that is supposed to be serious... you can't make the mistake of simplifying it to a stupid flash game. That is MAKING it into a joke...

    I think you guys have missed the point. I think it's supposed to point out how people can think of hitting a woman (or as I prefer: hitting someone) as 'no big deal'. I'm pretty sure these guys

    So even we at Kotaku are now against games that contain socially unacceptable behavior? Haven't we been through this, with Fallout and Bioshock and GTA? I get the game glorifies it... but that's the point. Noone is supposed to take it literally.

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