Darksiders Aussie Preorder Offer Will Cleave You In Two

warTHQ has revealed details of the exclusive preorder offer for Darksiders, the apocalyptic action/adventure set for release on January 7.

If you preorder Darksiders at EB Games - and only EB Games - you'll score yourself the 'Guide to the Underworld', a 100-page book featuring:

* Darksiders Graphic Novel - Prequel based upon comic artist and Vigil Games founder Joe Madureira’s vision of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse * ‘Joe Mad’ Concept Art - Exclusive in-depth look at the creation of the epic Darksiders * Exclusive Fold Out Poster - Original concept art illustrated by Joe Madureira * War’s Weapons Feature - Master the weapons of Darksiders with this exclusive guide

Plus, you'll get a code to unlock an in-game weapon called the Harvester, described as:

"This powerful weapon belongs to the rider of the pale horse. Its enormous, fearsome blade can cleave through flesh, bone, and even the ethereal demons of Hell. Though its jagged blade is deadly, the power locked within makes its master like unto a god."

It's $108 RRP at EB. Here, have another screenshot.

war and ruin


    "If you preorder Darksiders at EB Games – and only EB Games..."

    T'was then when I stopped reading.


        Setting foot in a sleazy establishment like EB gives me cold sweats. Their current 'Trade in your dead consoles' initiative also makes me ill.

    Did Mad pencil the "Graphic Novel"?

    "It’s $108 RRP at EB. Here, have another screenshot."

    I see what you did there.

    I said it before and I'll say it again - The Darksiders main character looks exactly like Arthas from Warcracft III.

    Hello familiar fantasy game trope!

    i was hoping there would be a collectors edition..

    But do i really only have the choice of EB games for the preorder with this?

    thats kinda lame...

    of all the stuff people could boycott
    why not boycott EB? they are a cancerous pustule on the face of gaming retail.

    It seems that I will have to make a deal with the devil.....EB games. And yes, my soul will indeed be ripped out.

    Can't we preorder and then price match on the day of release?

    Is there some rule stopping me from doing that?

    Please tell me because I reeeeally want all those Joe Mad goodies.

      If you want the preorder incentive, you can't price match as far as im aware and a 108 rrp? thats weird, most of the time its 109.95 etc

      seems like a good preorder, will get

      Call and ask, that's what I do when I have to.

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