Dedication To Dedicated Servers Earns EA At Least 60 Bucks

As seen on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 blog, where, I'll guess, the redacted words include "Infinity" and "Ward".


    Mad props, thats putting your money where your mouth is...though he will essentially be paying for the game twice...

      Agreed. I will be buying BFBC2 no doubt after this fiasco, but I probably would have anyway so I can't say they've made a customer out of me that they wouldn't have already.

      That and I have forked out $99AUD for my MW2 preorder because although this dedicated server thing has enraged me like a branded bull, I'd buy the game JUST for the single player on the precedent that COD4 set.

      And I did.

        You my man are paying 99 bucks for a 4-5 hour single player game hahahahaaa

    I now have a massive bruise on my face thats shaped like my hand because of how quick this idiot made me facepalm.

    Ok, so the guy sent a personal check that we all know Dice WON'T cash. But now we will probablly see a story on here in a few weeks about how they sent him an autographed copy of the game early plus some other swag after they tear up his check. Guarantee it!

      Very likely, but kudos to the man for doing it! it's one thing to post a comment on internet forums about recent events, but actually doing something like this is another, no matter 'how small' it is...

      This guy probably didn't think it would generate any kind of exposure, he just wanted to let them know they have his support, for not copying the 'market leader'...

      DICE are simply capitalising on some of the negativity around MW2... and if they do give this guy something... then they are showing themselves as the developers that care for their community... this will generate a shitload of good exposure which will in turn, increase their sales...

    This also gives light to the MW2 fiasco and shows consumers will vote with their purchases.

    I bought the Modern Warfare 1.

    BF2 Bad Company 2 is my next purchase.

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