Diabloriffic Torchlight Coming To Retail

Runic Games' unapologetic Diablo-clone Torchlight, recently released on various digital distribution channels, is getting a richly deserved retail release next year, courtesy of Encore Software.

Torchlight is a quick and dirty Diablo clone, and there's no two ways about it. You've got three classes, a base city, point-and-click movement and attacking — hell, you've even got scrolls of identify and town portal. With Blizzard North co-founders Max and Erich Schaefer key members of Runic Game's leadership, we can't really complain. If you're going to copy Diablo, you might as well do it with the folks who made Diablo.

We'll have a full review of Torchlight next week, but for now we bring you news that the game is getting a retail release in January of next year. Encore Software is packaging the game up and shipping it off to retail stores on January 5, with a modest price tag of only $US19.99. Max Schaefer approves.

"We are very happy to partner with Encore in bringing Torchlight to retail locations. Torchlight is a AAA title for an affordable price, and in concert with the experienced Encore team, we look forward to bringing this game to all fans of the Action RPG genre."

Look for a Mac version of Torchlight in 2010 as well.


    thanks....but id rather wait for D3.

      Hope you've got a good magazine to read!

        yeah, and you better buy a year subscription, because that's how long you're going to have to wait for D3

        seriously though, why not get TL now ?
        some interesting mods being made;
        and its fun;
        doesn't have the replayability of D2, but you can get 20-30 hours out of it

        if D3 we're coming out in 2 months then I might agree on saving my money and waiting, but come on, it's going to be at least 12 more months

    Torchlight is great, wish it had multi though, I know they're saving it for the MMO, but it still sucks.

      There are two people who are using the TorchED tool to make a multiplayer mod. Some in-progress footage is on youtube, but I don't have the link.

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