Does Store Renovation Reflect Current Japanese Game Market?

There are tons of stores selling Xbox 360 games and goods in Japan. Today, let's talk about a store that has just renovated its game section. Think of it as a reassessment of where the Xbox 360 is in Japan.

Or something.

The 5th floor of Tokyo retailer LABI Ikebukuro is all DS and Wii games. Right next to the elevators, there are two Wii demo corners, and one for the DS. Then there are three DS software sections, and one for the Wii.

Make note that one of the DS software sections and the Wii accessory section are next to the restrooms.

Arriving at the sixth floor, shopper are greeted by a rack of the latest games as well as two aisles of PSP and PS3 games. The black flooring echoes Sony's branding for the PlayStation line.

A little further, and there's an "Advice Counter" where customers can get help with games and accessories. Right after that is the PS2 software aisle. What's after that?

Oh. The Xbox 360 aisle. The aisle is the same size as the other aisles, but it isn't exactly a prime location — as the Japanese internet has noted, the Xbox 360 aisle is near to the toilet.

Recently, some in Japanese retail have expressed concern about the Xbox 360 in Japan. Things might look grim for Microsoft right now (and they do!), but its upcoming Natal motion control platform could provide a much needed Japanese sales spark.

ヤマダ電機はGK! WiiやPS3は専用ブースがあるのにXBOX360コーナーだけ便所の前とか [はちま起稿]


    While Nintendo discovered a a cash cow with the wii and are flogging its now long deceased corps for all that it is worth, i must admit, i don't think Microsoft will do the same thing.

    Now im no Microsoft fanboy, i own a PSX through to 3 and no Microsoft console (but i only run their OS on my PC's since forever). However credit where it is due, Microsoft are far more savy when it comes to business, they know what they need to do, research their situation and adapt far faster than either microsoft or nintendo.

    I mean, their original Xbox didn't do to well, and although i bagged it out, i admire that they placed enough thought and dedication into turning the whole thing around with the Xbox 360, and not through blind luck, but through their knowledge and alot of money. It is a great possibility that natal will give microsoft the edge it needs to fight toe to toe with nintendo. Or it could blow up in their face, who knows. I mean sony releases overpriced hardware such as the PS3 and then dose not learn its lesson with the PSPgo. Nindendo looses market sales and releases the extra large DSi and will probably release a Wii HD when the Wii no longer makes enough money.

    meh the japanese games market has always been a little funny what with the rape simulators and JRPG lead male charictors that look like 14 year old girls... not mention thier almost religious devotion to sony consols and nintendo handhelds

      my bad didnt wrap that last one up

      any way its not a fault its just the way they do things thier it seems strange to an outsider but so do nudist colonies

    It just proves that the Japanese tend to only buy stuff they have relied on in previous years. In ways i don't blame them. After a lot of them growing up on Super Nintendo and N64, of corse they're going to buy Nintendo products.

    Same with Sony. Heck i grew up on a PS1 and Sega. Yet i went to Xbox mainly because of Halo. I still played my PS1 and PS2 though.

    I guess they're a country thats sort of narrow minded. Not because they don't buy 360's like they do others. But even with genres and franchises. They tend to only like JRPGs and thats about it. Even GTA ain't that crash hot in Japan like it is here and in the USA. They love their Mario, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest & Street Fighter and thats about it... there are plenty of others but pretty much all the same genres & similar in gameplay.

    We have a wider range like FPS/TPS, Western RPGs, we even buy JRPGs. Racing games, Party games you name it. It's good that MS tried and probably will continue - but theres only so much you can do. And i wouldn't really want MS to just fork out all this money and change their tactics with published games and making it more Japanese orientated just to benefit its existent in Japan. I would rather see it continue the way its continuing if it means they take more care of us than them.

    Although lately some may question how MS and even Sony and Nintendo treat us lately.

      The Japanese don't like western games because they tend to reflect world issues, particularly of war. Think of your Halos and stuff, replace the aliens and you essentially have America fighting some "insert name" enemy.

      Japanese games however tend to have enemies that revolve on ethics rather then world domination, think of your evil villain trying to destroy the world because he wants true freedom blah blah... So basically Japanese prefer games that are purely of fantasy and are not ground to reality.

      Which brings another point as to why the Heroes are always children, the fact they aren't the typical realistic heroes is a point towards fantasy.

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