Don Ivan Punchatz, Doom Box Artist, Dies At 73

The artist Don Ivan Punchatz, whose artwork on id Software's Doom helped establish the game's hardcore reputation and appeal, has died of a heart attack. He was 73.

Punchatz who also illustrated for top-flight publications such as National Geographic, TIME and Playboy, suffered a heart attack on Oct. 11 and never regained consciousness. After two weeks of treatment and tests, doctors advised there was no hope of recovery, and Punchatz's family removed him from life support.

"He never wanted to be kept alive like this," Greg Punchatz, Don's son, said to SpectrumFantasticArt, "so we are respecting his wishes."

Punchatz's iconic Doom box was just a small piece of his overall portfolio of work, which brought acclaim from luminaries such as the author Ray Bradbury. Spectrum Fantastic Art reports that Punchatz had already cut his fee to help id Software meet its budget. Id counterproposed that Punchatz accept a percentage of Doom's profits instead, but Punchatz stuck with his fee. "So how was I to know this thing called Doom would make a jillion smackers?" he laughed later. Don Ivan Punchatz (1936-2009) [Spectrum Fantastic Art via]


    IDDQD, RIP Doom was the first game I ever played, men like these helped create what we love, Thank you.

      Thanks for posting this about my dad, he would be proud.

      I have to point out that quote about doom is false. In fact its actually closer to a quote for me...Points on Doom were discussed with me in my initial meetings with the guys at ID for making the stop motion models used to create some of the monsters of Doom. I had been screwed a few times before on doing jobs for points so I was not open to the idea....I wish I had a time machine to go back and slap some sense into my younger self! LOL

      God I miss my Dad
      Gregor Punchatz

    That has to be the best video game cover art ever. Good bye and RIP.

    One of the greatest video game covers ever. I love it. I bought the book just for the cover on my bookshelf as well.

    RIP great game contributor.

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