Dragon Quest IX Is The Biggest-Selling Game In The World

Joint figures released by the NPD Group, GfK and Enterbrain have revealed that Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX — a DS game unavailable outside Japan — was the biggest-selling game in the world between July and September.

The handheld RPG sold 3.93 million units, well clear of Wii Sports Resort, the game in second place (with three million). In third was Madden 10, on 2.6 million, while Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver sold 2.1 million and Halo 3: ODST 1.8 million.

Dragon Quest IX is Q3 global best-seller [GI.biz]


    That is IMPRESSIVE. No wonder they released it on DS, dragon quest is the biggest franchise over there and releasing it on the biggest platform... well it just makes sense.

    Gogo japs!

    Dragon quest X is going to be EPIC... i hope it comes to english

    That title is such an understatement. Especially with the article saying "WAS the biggest selling..."

    The BIGGEST SELLING GAME IN THE WORLD is apparently Wii Sports even though all copies weren't exactly SOLD but given/bundled.

    And i don't see how something with graphics like that seems epic. Just my opinion.

      So I take it you don't consider LOTR novels to be epic either? Only the movies?

      Seems you are one of those group born in era where graphics are everything. Gameplay, music, stories... what are they??!

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