Dress Your 360 Avatar In Fallout 3

The Fallout 3 t-shirt is nice. The Vault 101 Suit is even better. The Vault Boy head? Possibly the best use of 80 Microsoft points in the history of fake money.

Bethesda is bringing out a line of Fallout-themed avatar wear to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace this Thursday, giving players six new ways to show off their love for Fallout 3 and its creators, Bethesda Game Studios. There's three t-shirts priced to move at 80 Microsoft points apiece; the standard Vault 101 suit, complete with PipBoy, for 240 points; a Vault Boy suit for 240 points; and the pièce de résistance - a Vault Boy head that covers up your avatar's goofy cranium.

My advice? Just buy the head and play Vault Boy dress up. It's simply the right thing to do.

Fallout 3 items hitting the Xbox Avatar Marketplace this Thursday [Bethesda Blog]


    Love Fallout3 :)

    Ppl who ahve 100% in the game should be auto getting these :)

    I am most certainly getting these. And I'm an avatar hater! Good work Bethesda :D

    I will be one of the first people to ask where the hell the Power Armor is? Out of anything that's what most people would probablly want.

      Seconded. A Tunnel Snakes jacket might be nice as well.

        It's sad, but I would probably pay 80 points for a Stormchaser Hat.

    ummm wow i still dont understand people wasting money on these these at best should be unlocks in game for achivements or somthing not something you have to pay for i mean really how stupid do they think we are

    Remember when they started releasing paid costumes, and they said they still had a comitment to free avatar clothing and would continue to release free stuff too?

    Yeah, they haven't done that.

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