DualShock, The Concept Table

Designer Stephane Perruchon has always liked the DualShock controller's design, its "excellent ergonomics".

Perruchon didn't own a PS3 until the cheaper and slimmer model hit and had been spending the last few years playing his Xbox 360. The PS3 reminded him how much he liked the DualShock design, which inspired this table.

No word on whether this will actually go into production, Perruchon's DualShock table uses controllers to buttress glass surfaces. The design is for the black DualShock and the white one. Another concept image below.

Table basse design Sony dualshock ... [Stephane Perruchon via Born Rich]


    Suppose it suits it cause the controller is symmetrical and all. But still uncomfortable to grasp with your thumbs.

    The 360 reigns more superior to me.

    yeah i agree wiv jay.the 360 controller is much more comfortable to use.the 2 sticks being level makes it a killer to use on fps or racing games.its to light which gives it a cheap feel.before everybody calls me a fanboy,i own both consoles and this is my oppinion,deal with it

    i agree as well. the 360 controller is much more comfortable, (i own both consoles btw) the 360's sticks are at the perfect positions. also ii think the curves of the 360's controller are sexier than the DualShock.

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