EA Backing Slowly Away From Wii Development?

EA's Montreal studio (Army of Two) certainly is, setting aside low-def Wii games in favour of more big budget titles for the 360, PS3 and PC.

"The Wii market is a little bit unpredictable these days." EA Montreal's GM Alain Tascan told Edge. "We're going to see how Christmas is going to do and while with the Wii we have had very successful titles, we are going to focus on big, blockbuster-type titles. It doesn't mean that we are going to abandon the Wii, but as a studio we want to be ready for new challenges."

The announcement comes only a couple of weeks after EA boss John Riccitiello voiced his displeasure at recent third-party Wii software sales. So, no, it's not a coincidence. Despite being best known for their work on Army of Two, EA Montreal have been working heavily on the Wii, releasing games like Skate It, Boogie, Need for Speed Nitro and Spore Hero for Nintendo's console. So if they're moving on from the Wii, it puts a real dent in EA's Wii output.

EA Montreal Re-Focusing On "HD-Quality" Products [EDGE]


    Heh, the Wii is just the Wii sports machine to the majority of the 'new gamers' that bought it. They're not interested in 3rd party titles.

    Feels kind of strange feeling sorry for EA's poor sales lately though, doesn't feel like long ago they were the ultimate evil in the world of gaming.

    Now thats Activision and EA are the ones giving us fresh new IPs and taking risks.

    I guess who you really have to feel sorry for is Sega, who hit the Wii with all those 3rd party titles that were more than half decent... and nobody bought.

      You really can't call Sonic Unleashed good now though can you =P

    Who'd have thought dedicating so many of your developer resources to the console with the largest install base would be a mistake?

    people will only buy games with the "nintendo" name slapped on them. apart from a select few 3rd party titles like the GH games other games have struggled to sell. good games like house of the dead: overkill, the conduit, dead space: extraction, and madworld have all sold poorly despite good reviews.

    i dont blame any company for ditching the wii and focusing on the 360 or PS3. Nintendo need to realise that the casual gamer will not stick by the console for years to come.
    they may be selling millions now but if they dont release a HD console with a fully functioning online component at some stage they could go down the road of the gamecube once more with their next console.
    do they think that everyone who owns a wii will upgrade to their next console. i doubt they will.

    With the huge hit of MW2 and Assassin's Creed 2, there are going to be a lot of companies trying to go in that direction and replicate those kinds of successes on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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