EA: Confusion About Maturity Games Starts With "Over-40 Crowd"

How old do you have to be to not get that games aren't just for kids? Forty, according to EA. Though not everyone over 40 is guilty of that. Sound right?

In a story about the increased acceptance of sex and sexuality in video games, the Calgary Herald got EA spokesperson Colin MacRae to draw the line between those who get it — and those who don't.

The confusion around mature content in video games typically starts with the over-40 crowd, who just don't understand the medium. They think video games are Pong and they should be seeing the Friendly Giant, and that it's a kids medium," says Macrae. "There's still a large chunk of the population that doesn't get it. Today, the audience for video games is as diverse as the audience is for TV, is as diverse as the audience is for movies."

Ever meet anyone under 40 who doesn't understand that games are capable of including mature subject matter? Or did MacRae get it right?

Sex grows up in gaming world; As technology has improved, attitudes have matured [Calgary Herald]


    My dad is in his 50's, and he owns (and regularly plays) an xbox 360, breezing through shooters like a pro. For him, mature games are a legitimate medium.
    On the other hand, I nearly married a girl who not only didn't understand that gaming could be a mature medium, but constantly berated me for even being interested in 'stupid kid's stuff' like video games. Guess I really dodged a bullet there.

      "typically starts with the over-40 crowd"

      P.S You dodged a bullet indeed!

    I think that is generally true as, simply, those who grew up with video games get them, and those that didn't do. It was the same at the turn of the previous century with film, and I am sure it was the same with the printing press, and it was the same back when Plato started to tell the poets to piss off.

    Of course, though, that isnt to say some of the older generations don't embrace the medium. I doubt he is saying that all 41-year-olds hate games and 39-year-olds love games, but I think he is right in a general sense.

    I think that the over 40s crowd GENERALLY don't really understand the medium. Of course, there are certainly exceptions to the rule. My parents are definitely part of the exception.

    I think there is of course going to be certain things the older generations won't get, like some terminology, or even most gaming tropes. This of course all depends on their exposure to video games as a medium. My parents bought me my first console (a Sega MegaDrive) because I used to have a problem with hand-eye coordination, and people had suggested that it might help (it did). They were pretty accepting of my pastime, and my father would every so ofter join me for a game of Street Fighter 2, until I became too good at it.

    So now comes story time. My father, bored one weekend, asked if he could play my Xbox (original, not 360). So I chucked on Halo 1 for him. The whole 'one analog stick for movement and one for looking' thing threw him for a few days, even after I spent a good while running him through it. He stuck with it though. A few days later, I see him playing and stop to watch, only to see him circle strafe around a Grunt as he gunned it down.

    "Dad, do you realise that you're circle strafing?"
    "Circle what-ing? I'm just shooting this little guy, and then I'm going to go shoot that big one."
    "The Elite?"
    "Yeah, the ugly one. The ones that go 'wort wort wort'."

    I kid you not, there are few things funnier than hearing a nearly 50 year old man say 'wort wort wort' without a hint of sarcasm or comedy in his voice. ^^

      Sorry about the double post, but I just wanted to correct something I'd written in the previous post. What I meant is that I believe EA's spokesperson means that there is a significant amount of people in the over-40 generation that don't understand the medium, not that I believe it myself.

      I've worked in games retail for about 5 years now, and I've found that while younger people (I'm talking 20s and 30s, not younger) percentage-wise tend to understand that video games as a medium can have quite mature content slightly more than those in their 40s, but it certainly isn't by a large amount. I find once people start to hit the mid 50s onwards, the slope tends to get a bit steeper. But then again, I've had some older gamers come in who could be my grandfather know more generally than I do, and I tend to pride myself on my knowledge of my chosen industry. It swings both ways, and I don't see any clear indication that older generations don't get video games in a bigger percentage than younger generations.

      In fact, now that I look back, my story about my father saying something hilarious that was related to the game really didn't make sense in the contact of the article. Still funny as hell though. ^^

    What a lot of rubbish. I'm in the over-40 generation, me and my wife are quite game savvy, in fact most of my classmates from high school would certainly still be in that group of people who play mature games far more than we should.

    I'm still well entrenched in the feeling of being in my twenties and going "Oh man, oh man, why is Final Fantasy XIII forever to come out? GET ON WITH IT!" and watching Good Game on the ABC every week. :)

    I'm 43. I didn't really get into video games until someone got me GTA Vice City for the pc years ago. I had Sega consoles before but I wasn't that into it. I discovered this new open world GTA game that really appealed to me. Now, I know more about what's going on with games, what's hot and what's not and why, than my 14 and 20 year old nephews do. THEY ask ME about games.

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