EA Makes Mercs Inc, A New "Pandemic" Game, Official

Less than a day after the game's existence was leaked, EA confirmed that a new Mercenaries is in development. The publisher announced the title as the first release from Pandemic, the studio that was all but shut down last week.

The new game is in development at EALA, the studio where a core group of Pandemic team members were relocated following last week's closure of Pandemic's offices and departure of its top executives.

EA offered no gameplay details, release date or platforms for the new game.

The existence of Mercs Inc - which EA refers to as a "working title" - first surfaced yesterday on website Bitmob, which ran a video of the in-development game and referred to the game as a multiplayer project.

"We are very excited to announce a new instalment in the popular Mercenaries series because it demonstrates our continued commitment to Pandemic's rich catalogue of intellectual properties," EA group general manager Nick Earl said in a statement. Last week, Earl had the less pleasant duty of announcing the fate of Pandemic to EA employees.

Earl noted that a "core creative team is forging new ground and conceptualising new ideas for this exciting franchise".

Kotaku has reached out to EA to find out more about the new game and the timing of the announcement, which follows so quickly after the leaked video. We will update readers with any information we receive.


    So they sacked most of Pandemic, but the ones spared execution have been bundled up and will continue to be Pandemic?

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