EA To "Revitalise" Medal Of Honor, Other "Blockbusters"

Electronic Arts will be revealing its plans to "revitalise" its more successful franchises — specifically the Medal of Honor series — in the coming months, EA Games label president Frank Gibeau said today.

The currently dormant Medal of Honor series — the most recent entries, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Medal of Honor: Vanguard and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, were released way back in 2007 — is certainly due for a revitalisation. Whether that means a modern day reboot of the series, rumoured at one point to be set in Afghanistan, remains to be seen.

Given competitor Activision and EA developer DICE's success with bringing things up to date, we wouldn't be surprised.

Gibeau didn't offer much in the way of concrete details on what a "revitalised" Medal of honour means, much like his boss EA CEO John Riccitiello. At least we know it's out there somewhere.

Following EA's losing quarter and the company's plans to shed some 1500 employees, close studios and cancel a dozen projects, it's not surprising that the publisher is shifting to what works.


    I would like to see a remake of the first. Also bring back Road Rash.

    MoH: Airborne had some pretty sweet graphics and it was in 1080p. Would be interested if they reboot MoH.

    I'm surprised they haven't already released a "Medal of Honor: Contemporary Armed Conflict" title...

    Justin wants a Vietnam War game, don't care which studio... it's just been neglected this generation, and there's so much they could do with it. Think Platoon: the game, or Full Metal Jacket-esque... I'm all for modern conflicts, but there's still a lot they can do with the war genre... and that said, just mentioning WWII games makes my skin crawl... IT'S BEEN DONE PEOPLE... and I know in say... 2-3 years, I'm going to feel the same about modern war. They need to diversify and take risks, not just go with what's a safe bet.

    Is this going to be like what they did with RA3?
    A decent game, that they've just thrown into the closest series they've got?

    EA games are starting to get more interesting, so it'd be good if they didn't just keep using old IP for convenience.

    Yes, a Vietnam game would be great. One of the first online games I played was Vietcong 2 and it was still the best online experience I've had. The mix of old and new weapons and the difference in landscape from the jungle to the city.

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