EA Will Hire Back Some Positions It Cut

Also at today's Digital Entertainment Conference in New York, Electronic Arts' chief financial officer, Eric Brown, said the company will be hiring back some of those positions it axed earlier this week. But it sounds like just the cheaper ones.

"We will be hiring back positions in low-cost locations to maintain capacity," Brown said at the BMO Capital Markets Digital Entertainment Conference. Dow Jones Newswires had the quote first.

Brown didn't say how many jobs would be hired back, nor when or where they would take place. I'm also not even sure what "to maintain capacity" means. But I don't think we're talking about the really good gigs here. Electronic Arts To Hire Back Workers In Low-Cost Locations [WSJ.com via Go Nintendo]


    Doesn't that sound like the sort of employer you'd like to work for - one that'll have no compunction in sacking you and then advertising your position for less pay or in a country with lower wages.

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