Europe Didn't Like America's Mass Effect 2 Box Art Either

When we posted the North American box art for upcoming sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 2, it was given a solid beating for its awfulness by the Kotaku readership. Apparently Europe agrees, choosing a different Mass Effect 2 cover option.

Gone is Shepard's blank stare at the consumer. Retained is ample bosom. Replaced is Shepard's alien comrade. Hopefully, European Mass Effect fans find this box art option less "hideous", "off-putting" and "shockingly bad" than the Kotaku readership found the North American version.

Neither, of course, is as subtle and understated as the collector's edition version of Mass Effect 2. But subtle and understated box art doesn't sell games, people.


    Other one was far better. It had atmosphere. This is a copy/paste job.

    I think they both suck, but this one has an increased PSI compared to the other. This one is just absolutely horrible looking. Reminds me of mid-90's PC box art.

    Clearly the best option is to get it through steam and avoid the box altogether!

    Yeah I gotta say that the other version looks better in hindsight.. this one looks like something a 12 year old would throw together in paint..

    Man, I don't like either of these. Can't we just have a minimalist box art with ME2 on it or something?

    MS1 cover was better.
    but heck this one isn't quite as bad

    Anyone remember the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover?"

    Does it honestly matter what the box art looks like? I don't know anyone that has their purchase decision made by the cover art on an Xbox or PS3 game box. I like all my friends follow websites like Kotaku (duh!) and have a fairly good understanding of what the game will be like once it comes out.

    I find that it is becoming more and more common for groups of people on the internet (Gamers included) to scrutinise and complain about the most minute and trivial details. Everyone needs to unplug, get some fresh air and remember that IT’S A FREAKIN BOX!

    /End rant

      Book cover design is a very competitive field.

    I think this one looks horrible haha. It actually looks very amateurish. Didn't mind the first one too much.

    Ugh, my Shepard looks way hotter than whatever that guy's on! For a game that lets you customise the main char, they're trying way too hard to show this guy's face.

    At least Shepard doesn't look out of proportion like he does on the NA cover, but it's still terrible and unimaginative.

    Good thing it's a sequel to a great game and most people buying it will be seeking it out, not browsing covers.

    Yeah the first was much much better. This one feels very dated to me. Like a sierra game from the 90s

    "subtle and understated box art doesn’t sell games, people."

    Then people who are suckered into buying flashy boxes won't and the game won't be saturated with idiots.

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