Europe Rates Michael Jackson's Moonwalker For Virtual Console

Pan-European Game Information has given Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, the iconic 1990 Sega Master System game, a 12-rating for Nintendo's Virtual Console, raising hopes the King of Pop will make a posthumous return to video games.

PEGI listed the game with a content indicator for "depictions of violence." There is no ESRB rating as yet. The negotiations to republish this game must have looked like Red Rover played by 24 lawyers.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Coming to Virtual Console? [Nintendo Life via Go Nintendo]


    Excellent. I really cannot wait for the game to be released on the Virtual Console.

    Could this lead to more licensed games?

      Could this lead to more decent and/or more Master System games too?

    Erm, it was iconic on the Mega Drive (I'm still haunted by scratchy samples of a kid squealing "Michael!"). The Master System version wasn't quite so ace.


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