Extremely Rare Atari Cartridge Sells For $US5000

A sealed-in-the-box copy of "The Music Machine" — rated "Unbelievably Rare" by Atari Age — just went for $US5250 on eBay. The game, sold only in religious book stores, is prized by collectors.

"The Music Machine" was based on a line of other products, including albums — back when they were, in fact, albums. The seller indicated his elderly mother owned a Christian bookstore, and while going through her things, came across the game. It puts a real twist on the cliché of your mum chucking out a rare baseball card or comic book you later find out is worth thousands.

If the guy is taking care of his mum, and it sounds like it, then it sounds like the dough will be put to good use. Or he could be spending it all on hookers and cocaine... who am I to make judgements of people I've never met? C'mon, I'm trying to be a nice guy here.

Sealed Atari Game Sells for Over $US5,000 [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    OH! MY! GOD!

    I had that album!
    "Music Machine, Music Machine,
    there's nothing like it that you've ever seen!
    If there's something that you want to sing about,
    Put something in it and a song comes out!"

    Thanks for taking me for a nostalgic trip back to Agapeland and my distorted childhood of Xtian pop culture. If a Psalty the Singing Songbook game pops up, let me know.

    I am the "gal" who is helping out her mom!
    Trust me, I'm spending $ on my mom!

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