Far Cry 3 Is Go

According to a comment by Ubisoft's Kevin Shortt, development on the third installment of the Far Cry series is underway, and so far things look "pretty exciting".

Shortt made mention of Far Cry 3 during a recent media junket on the Avatar video game. UK magazine OPM asked the writer whether or not he was working of Far Cry 3, to which he replied:

"No I'm not, but I know the team are and what I've seen looks pretty exciting."

And so we get confirmation of a game we were pretty sure was being made in the first place, which is still pretty nice. We don't have any details regarding the setting, plot, game engine, or platforms, but still, good to know.

Far Cry 3 looking "pretty exciting" [CVG]


    Kick ass... I know it won't, but I'm kind of hoping it goes back to the older formula, i.e. not completely free roaming... Far Cry 2 got so boring after about the first half... it's like ...why is it that when most series go free roaming they become 100% more boring and LINEAR?... go here, blow this up... driving for three hours to a location, shooting a guy, and that's the whole fucking level. Oh well, here's hoping they don't f—k it up.

      Oh man did I hate needing to drive 20 minutes to a mission! WORSE! Every 20 seconds there would be a checkpoint as the enemy ai would do the same thing everytime, ram me until my car stopped. God I really didnt like Farcry 2.

    I couldnt stand playing Far Cry 32, all the boring driving, Shity Fov, Badly done running effects,anoying ai. This game just sucked.

    Give it back to Crytek. If they make it anything like crysis, it will be a winner.

    Far Cry 2 was an interesting game for a couple of hours, but I couldn't help but play the game without thinking "This could be improved..." or "That could be improved...".

    I thought that given the premise and the setting a few things that really would have made the game pretty freaking extraordinary were:

    1. Better sneaking ability: When I'm stalking an enemy NPC from 500m away, in thick jungle, hidden behind a tree, low crawling and he "sees" me...it totally breaks the immersion for me. Fix up the sneaking mechanic.

    2. Warring factions: What warring factions? The two sides in the game never seem to engage anything except for you, what the hell? I don't know about you, but when I played something like fallout, I LOVED the fact that I would stumble across a battle between giant scorpions and a gang of raiders. When the game alludes to a reality outside of "Everyone, look there's the player! Attack him!" it starts to create a more immersive world, for me at least.

    3. Got tedious missions? Check: What is with the complete lack of mission types? Bollocks, that's what.

    4. Enemy respawn: I didn't like the way enemies respawned like clockwork, it didn't feel randomised at all.

    5. What is with those f*cking trucks coming out of nowhere and ramming me? Seriously, the sound of a revving car coming up from behind me out of nowhere became routine after a while, I thought it was cool, and if they used it less it could have been a great mechanic but damn, every 10 minutes? Just became annoying as all hell.

    For me at least, these were some of my major gripes, if they fixed them up I think the game could be pretty amazing.

    I thought the feel and atmosphere of the game was fantastic, but yeah, just some big problems ruined what could have been a fantastic game for me.

    There are a lot of things that need improvement but at the same time, if they change the whole "realism" of the game back to what Far Cry 1 was about then its just going to stuff things up even more and confuse a heck a lot of people.

    Either way, keep it free-roam but not so large. I know that sounds crap but its biggest fault was probably how boring it did get wandering and getting to the next location and doing that all over again and again.

    Or perhaps make it large but limit the places you have to go to until you get further into the game. Eh - it just needs improvement, A LOT OF IT, even if it was a good game. Online sucked though.

      THE ONLINE SUCKED [email protected]!!

      It was the clunkiest pile of shit ever. When you finish a match you get booted back to the main menu? what the hell-dick were they thinking?

        Sir, I take my hat off to you.

    Farcry 2 was an abortion of a game.
    I can't believe I actually bought the "special edition". What a waste of cash.

    What's more, Ubisoft had the opportunity to fix a lot of the issues, and their response was. "you're not playing it right".

    The first Farcry was epic.
    And pricks labeled it a "Tech Demo".
    Well that "Tech demo" you refer to, was leaps and bounds ahead of the other games around at the time. And it's still better than most of the generic console centric pieces of shit that developers are pumping out now.

    If only the gaming public were more discerning in regards to the games they purchased. Developers wouldn't keep churning out as much garbage because people would stop buying it.

    IMO Half Life 2 should be the benchmark.
    I'm not saying every game needs to be a FPS, just have the dedication to produce something as polished, if not better.

    Yay, I loved far cry 2, let just hope the map editor is as good as the 2nd, the checkpoints might have gotten stale after a while but the game itself was beautiful and brilliant.

    Really wish you could turn off the repeatedly spawning guard posts. I was getting sick of myself constantly saying "AW C'MON I BLEW THIS ONE UP 10 MINUTES AGO!!"

    YO UBI! ^PATCH THIS^ Will <3 you forever?

    This is great news. I loved the first one, I would rank it as one of my favourite games ever.

    Far Cry 2 felt very misunderstood by the gaming population. I would argue that it was paced very maturely. If you wanted, you had time to take in a sunset and really consider how you wanted to tackle an objective prior to getting there. The options for achieving your objectives were so much more flexible than almost every other game out there. Fire off a few mortars to soften up their defences then snipe them off, or sneak in with silenced weapons under the cover of darkness. The walks between objectives enhanced the feeling of isolation and the sense of being out of place. Bring on Far Cry 3!

      Geeunna have to disagree with you on that one... Far Cry 2 to me was a game that fell far short of what it could have been. They didn't push the gameplay... seemed very bare bones. Sure you had some freedom in how you tackle an objective, but the objectives were pretty much all the same... copy paste, go here, kill him, blow that up bullcrap we've been playing since FPS was invented. That and I'm not really sure that freedom *was* there... I remember clearly playing a mission in a train yard where I had to kill ONE chap who was guarded by about 40 others... you can take them all head on, that's the way *I* play games, but that was slow and painful and unnecessary... there was a small path to the side which gave you pretty much a birds eye view of the place... one sniper bullet can finish the mission. Literally... I don't call that choice when certain missions pretty much require you to do it a certain way.

      I would say the most tragic case of a game being misunderstood is... *swallows*... Halo. That game is universally hated for all the wrong reasons, creating a kind of "it's cool to hate Halo" vibe... FC2 on the other hand... the haters seem to hate it for the right reasons. They're are all very justified in what they say, the game was fundamentally flawed. Don't get me wrong, I played the whole game through... but it was nowhere near what it should have been.

    The only reason why the game did so poorly in the free roaming department is because it was held back by the console limitations.

    e.g. the checkpoints, respawning Ai, etc
    it's been mentioned before by the developers.
    They were too lazy to even use the PC advantages for the pc port and just left it, an exact console port. lazy developers.

    this is gonna sound stupid but what i missed from far cry 1 (the ubisoft version not the crytek one altho there both excellent) was the insane flip out trigen powers ... oh damn im out of ammo i gues ill just jump 15 meters in the air land on some guy and claw his eyes out

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