Far Cry Trailer Does Not Make Us Cry

Released in Germany back in 2008, Uwe Boll's cinematic adaptation of the video game Far Cry is now making its way to home video. Here's the DVD trailer, recently posted by IGN.

Looks like something I saw on VHS back in 1987 — not that that's a bad thing!

Uwe Boll's Far Cry Movie Trailer [/Film]


    Seriously worst movie ever. Not even worst game to film adaption, just worst movie ever. EVER.
    Nothing to do with the game other than the hawaiin shirt. It made me angry with ubisoft, crytek and worst of all, Germany.

      Wow this movie is truly bad, at least he is consistent at making bad video game based movies.

      Check out Tunnel Rats that was also made by him but it is a great vietnahm war movie, I just don't get it how he can make so many bad movies and then come out with a decent movie.

      I saw it in the rental shop and wondered when they had made a movie out of it, I didn't pick it up though. Uwe Boll's name wasn't on the front, shows how much he really thinks of his movies.

    "yes, we know sergeant Stiglitz"

    Ive never played the game for more than 10 minutes as a benchmark. But I really didnt mind the movie, expected far worse.. Sure its not the action blockbuster of the year but its not that bad if your after something to watch

    He only wears the Hawiian shirt for like 2 mins in the movie at the beginning.

    It's a "FarCry" from his previous work......

    Seriously though, did anyone watch his Postal film? I've never walked away from a movie and lost faith in the human race like that.

      Sorry James i atually liked the Postal movie. Well mostly, i didn't like the mini-me cameo that was a bit stupid.

    Ill download it for a laugh..

    And dont even bother with the piracy argument.. the piracy here is in the asking anyone to pay for this shit..

      While you're at it, get House of the Dead. I bought it for like $5, totally worth it for its terribleness.

    Seriously? This looks like such a piece of shit. If these are the terrible lines they chose for the trailer, I dread to think what they'll say in the rest of this rubbish.

    Here's and idea Uwe Boll, stop making movies. THERE SHIT, YOU'RE NO GOOD AT IT. It was even worse when he challenged people to a boxing match when they hated his movies. If that's the trend he should take up boxing full time, cause I think there's another couple people out there that hate his work.

    I'm sorry, but Alone In The Dark is his "best" work, if only for the amazingly inappropriate love scene between 'scientist' Tara Reid and Christian Slater.

    Also, A Dungeon Siege Tale for pure hammy acting goodness.

    its probably Uwe Bolls best film (which isnt saying much) but it had some good references to the game. In the hands of a better director it could have been decent.

    Anyone else think that they just photoshopped out the "2" from the end of the Farcry title? C'mon, it's obviously the same font and flame-y colouring. Can't Boll do anything right...

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