Fils-Aime: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Will Outsell MW2 — With One Stipulation

That stipulation is, it'll beat either the 360 or the PS3 versions of the game, but not both, the Nintendo boss Reggie FIls-Aime told Gametrailers TV. Still, that's a hell of a Pepsi challenge.

Granted, New Super Mario Bros. Wii only releases on a single platform. Modern Warfare 2 is still expected to be an enormous seller for both Xbox 360 and PS3, take your pick. Fils-Aime is unfazed by that and sticks to his claim. "Absolutely. I say that unequivocally," he told GTTV. "Now, you've got to give me the entire holiday selling season. Right? So let's take it all the way through the January NPD data. Yes. I'll put that stake in the ground."

Or maybe he means it'll outsell Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii?

Gametrailers TV [via Ripten]



    New Super Mario Bros Wii is a bundle game. It will come free with each console. A tad different from a standalone title that buyers select themselves, or even a special edition console bundle.

    That said, both these games will be immense.

      I'm not aware of NSMB Wii being bundled with the console anywhere.

        I know it's bundled at Big W next week.

          That would be a Big W decision. NSMB is not part of any official Nintendo bundle.

            It might not be an official bundle but its a sale of NSMB none the less..

            Chris is right.. expect all the major retails to do up bundles including this game all the way till xmas..

            Still Reggie is gonna be disapointed in Jan..

        You posted one last week... :p

        Sure it's not official Nintendo bundle, but it's being bundled...

        Besides, the above is irrelevant, as Reggie is only talking about America (ie: NPD)... so who knows, America loves shooters!

        It's being bundled at JB Hi-Fi too.

      Well MW2 has the official Limited Edition Bundle for the 360 that ha the 250GB HD. I know that is proberly going to sell like hotcakes.

    Just because they have outsold everyone with hardware this generation does not mean this translates over to software. Still I'd like to see the results of sales after the first few weeks.

    I wonder if Mr Reggie has played LBP ?, "hey this is fun, lets copy it can call it my one idea"

      I really hope that's meant to be sarcastic. I think that there were about 7 side-scrolling Mario games before LBP was even released...

      I sure hope so too, Chris.

    i honestly cant see this outselling mw2 on either platform. sure it will sell a few copies but, the wii has been marketed to an entirely different demographic this round. the wii is aimed at the "non" gamers. mario is a gamers game. i hope it does well for them. its one of only a few decent titles available for the wii.
    for anyone who wants to play this now, and isnt David Wildgoose, many video stores already have it and as long as you get the right person you'll be able to hire it now ;) i hired a copy on Friday :-P

      I do think it will beat COD MW 2 on 1 console. Mario is not a gamers game, mario is what defines nintendo. And casuals will buy it in droves. Just like mario kart.

    I fully agree with Reggie. Mario will outsell any single platforms sales of MW2 hands down. Maybe you guys are forgetting the 20 million it sold on DS. Or the 18 million Mario Kart wii has sold. MW2 is restricted to people over 15 as well and even 18 in most cases where as Mario can be enjoyed by everyone young and old.
    Only time will tell.

      Yeah but ask the average gamer what big name games are coming out this week, and they'll probably only tell you that MW2 is coming out. There's just too much hype and press surrounding it. I do reckon though, the closer we get to Christmas, that NSMB might be able to pull it off. And it didn't sell 20 million in a single holiday season, that's ongoing numbers. same goes for mario kart. But yeah with the young kiddies and soccer mums go shopping for christmas, they'll want that shiny new mario game, as will a number of hardcore nintendo fans and other hardcore gamers that own a wii.

    It will definetly outsell MW2 on one platform. The Wii has enormous market share and anything Mario will sell like hot cakes.

    Super Mario Galaxy is sitting on 8 million copies
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has sold about 13 million copies.
    Those figures are probably able to forecast what kind of sales each of these games are going to be getting.

    Can easily see this happening. MW2 has to split its total sales between PS3/360/PC. Combined, it would easily outsell NSMBW. But on a per-console basis? Probably not, especially seeing as NSMBDS sold around 20 million.

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