Final Fantasy XIII Hits North America March 9

Final Fantasy XIII hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 9, 2010, introducing both sets of platform owners to the sky city of Cocoon.

The game, which hits in Japan on December 17, will include a new battle system, a "dramatic story" focused on the emotions of the character and will feature a Leona Lewis single as the game's opening theme.

Also, holy crap, are you looking at this video? Because it's spectacular. The video also gives us a better look at the game's Paradigm system.

You may want to watch this video full-screen, just click on that button in the bottom right corner.


    Australian release?

    Don't forget that this release is extends to PAL territories. So this means it will be a simultaneous release.

    What a douchey ad.

    'Completely reinvents itself with each new installment'

    'Unparalleled storytelling'

    That would be, uhh.. NO and uh... NO.
    More lens flare next time please.

    I have no idea what the hell that guy was saying when he was talking about the music...

    And what the fuck... I'm pretty sure the chocobo's had ears in a scan I saw earlier.

    All they have said is that uUs Aussies get this released on 3.9.2010 too... September 3rd :P


      In Australia, we would read it as 3rd of September, but this advert has been done in the U.S, and they reverse the day and the month, so it is March the 9th.

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