Finally, The Steel Battallion Controller Is Put To Good Use

Looks like somebody found a job for their old Steel Battallion controller that didn't involve posting on small-time forums how much they paid for it or how awesome it would have been if more games had supported it.

Instead, Japanese VJ Bonsajo rigged his up for performances, using it to do things like fade and scratch the images appearing on screen. If, like us, you had no idea what a Video Jockey actually did outside of hosting obnoxious MTV programs, the video below may be of some assistance.

VJ with Steel Battallion Controller (2) from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

News: VJing with the Steel Battalion controller [Mecha Damashii]



    OK, if you follow links like I do the following warning may be relevant to you.

    The controller here peaked my interest and I went off looking to see what it came from, if it could be modded for other uses, etc etc.

    Along the way I came across a site, Big Mech where modding the controller to add rumble is detailed. BUT... beware of clicking on the 'Visual' link from their homepage, there's an exploit script that will try and run.

    Like I said, it doesn't pertain to THIS story, but will catch the unwary who may branch off into other information about the controller.

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