Firmware 3.10 Update Is Live

Just a heads up — PlayStation 3's 3.10 firmware update is live. Go check it out with Facebook integration with your trophies, store purchases and in-game progress.

Thoughts, impressions, etc in the comments!


    I'm glad they got rid of the boxes around the entire friends list.

    The facebook gear isn't going to effect me as I won't use it, the last thing my friends need is hourly geek updates from my Playstation.

    I've installed it, seemed to take less time to download than previous ones. Tried the FaceBook integration, works fine, but until they start adding further features to Games that link to it, I think I'll disable it.

    Have the speeds been increased?


    - its slow to compare trophies
    - its slow to read files off a USB stick
    - the browser is awfully slow

      @ DansDans, I did notice a slight improvement with the speed of the trophies loading up, I haven't got a USB Stick handy, but I'll try to browser and report back.

        I'm just hanging for the ABC iView app.

        You haven't forgotten have you Sony?

          I tried accessing iView via the PS3 web browser after the update, and it seemed to work a lot better than it did previously. It actually managed to play a show without stuttering.

          I'd still like to see a dedicated app though: the flash interface is very mouse oriented, and is a pain to use with the controller.

          There IS an ABC iView feature on it - it's under a new 'TV' section on the XMB. Picture quality is nothing special, though.

    Well I just downloaded the update and seem to have gotten nothing different at all. Its not another "Haha fuck you Australian!" thing is it?

      Is there actually a 'use facebook' application with this or is it just the 'automatic bragging about earning a trophy' support? If there's no app then it might explain why I can't find an app...

    Well, for those of us who don't care about FB, is there any point in updating? My PS3 came with version 3.0, so I'm used to the way the friends list looks...

    anyone know if they changed the screen when u start the game? Like before it used to show the "playstation 3" logo when u enter a game which got taken away in ver 3.0

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