First No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Screens Score Touchdown

No More Heroes finds higher resolution with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of the original, now known as No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise. What does it look like? Like the Wii version, just a little prettier.

Better textures, improved lighting, more pixels, less clothing on the female characters... it's all here! And it can be experienced there — and by "there" we mean Japan — on February 25 of next year. A North American and European release, sure to be announced by someone — a publisher whose name rhymes with Ubisoft, perhaps — is almost a given.

For now, enjoy a batch of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise screens below.


    I have an NTSC copy of NMH, which presumably doesn't work anymore (what with all the firmware upgrades on recent releases). I might end up grabbing this.

      "which presumably doesn’t work anymore"

      what do you mean 'presumably?' Does it work or not. These versions don't interest me, but I'll take a USA wii one if I can.

    Will australia get the US version or the pathetic watered down wii version we got. Im glad i never picked this up for wii. will much rather have it on xbox with HD graphics.

    This makes me super happy 100%! Fingers crossed for an english PS3 version XD

    Damn, that looks awesome. Already have the original Wii version, but i'll probably buy this game again anyway.

    It better not be the pixie dust version, blood fountains FTW!!

    i have a distinct feeling the beam katana may be turned into a candy cane.

    omg when i saw this for wii i was like woah that looks sweet! now that ive seen it for ps3, it looks sweeter!!

    will buy again if the pixie dust is gone.

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